Gunborg: Dark Matters is OUT NOW!

Gunborg is finally finished!

It took me a bit more than eight years to get this done. Most of the work was done in my free time, after my day job, but  the last six months I've been focusing on the game pretty much full time. I really don't recommend this approach, and next time I'm definitely working in a team 😅

I received a lot of feedback after posting the demo here on back in January 2021. It was a huge help to me, thank you so much for that! 

About the game:

Gunborg is an arcade action platformer, without backtracking, upgrading and leveling up. You start the game with all abilities and then it's action all the way to the end. The game has 12 main levels, and 3 unlockable ones, and the hardcore difficulty mode adds more enemies that are more aggressive. You can expect a playing time of 3-4 hours to finish the main levels (according to reviews), unless you are a completionist looking to collect all of the info-bots :)  

If you enjoy arcade action games, Gunborg might be for you. Try out the demo and see what you think! 



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